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Paruppu Thengaai

Paruppu Thengaai

Auspicious Cones (Paruppu Thengaai)

Mainly Brahmin's Use this:-
You've been curious to know what these decorative conical things 

are as You see on most of brahmin wedding muhurtham stages. 

So after some research, here’s Why & what we have! The ornate metal cones (back in the day, perhaps made of gold,
 silver) are called Paruppu Thengaai and they symbolise Shiva and 
Parvati who are invited to preside over the auspicious event. The 
cones are usually stuffed with daal (pulses), jaggery & coconut.
 The conical shape also has significance in vaastu as it is said to
 absorb positive cosmic energy.

 And as with most Hindu traditions, there is another theory, 
and that being the cones started off as paper cones 
(the ones we get provisions in some stores even today) , 
with the bride’s family welcomed the groom’s family with 
food items in cones after their long journey to the bride’s village. 
This, evolved into more ornate metal cones like what we see now.
There is a lot of Varieties and Decorations on it.

The varieties are:-
  • Manoharam paruppu thengai
  • Groundnut paruppu thengai
  • Pottukadalai  paruppu thengai
  • Boondhi  paruppu thengai
  • Cashew  paruppu thengai
  • Etc..

Mainly, Brahmins uses this in 60th marriage also. we do arrange for them from our side in the form of seervarisai.

For all kinds of 
Shanthi Pariharam and Ayush Homams

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